MoHawk Mitch

The first week of the season, I met a guy at the Jets game.  What made him stand out was not the fact that had a giant mohawk, but the fact that his mohawk was dyed bright green.  He told me to like his Facebook page and to find him on Twitter, because he wants to get noticed as the “mascot” for the team.

Many people know that Fireman Ed used to be the Jets “mascot.”  However after a number of extremely frustrating and disappointing seasons, Fireman Ed stopped leading the famous J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS cheer.  While Mohawk Mitch isn’t at that level yet, I see him almost every week at the games.  He sits in the section behind mine, so I always say hello and give him a hug when I see him.  I applaud his team spirit, even though our team that is having one of their worst seasons ever.  I hope he eventually gets noticed by the team and they allow him to be the new person to lead the JETS cheer in the front row of the stadium.

10606051_10203150112337030_774654378166036054_nClick the link below and like Mohawk Mitch’s Facebook page: