The NFL Says “No More” to Domestic Violence

In the aftermath of the scandals with NFL players being involved with the domestic violence, the league is taking a stand to show that they are against it.  Despite the heat that the league took following the Ray Rice situation, the NFL has taken steps to show that they will not tolerate domestic violence of any kind.  Many people may have heard of the No More Campaign.  It started with many well-known celebrities being featured in a PSA saying common “excuses” used to defend domestic violence.  Some of the celebrities involved with this campaign are Mariska Hargitay (who helped start the campaign), Christopher Meloni, and Ice-T of Law and Order: SVU, as well as Katie Couric, actress and comedian Amy Poehler, actress Courteney Cox, and many more.

As this campaign began to spread, the NFL quickly jumped on board and supported it.  They have put together a PSA of their own in support of the campaign.  It features a number of players and men of the NFL, and it will be aired during commercials when games are on.  It is a powerful PSA that shows that even though there has been trouble with domestic violence around they league, they will tolerate it no more.

The NFL, and all of the players involved, get a stamp of good guy for taking part in the No More Campaign.

To see the PSA featuring NFL players, click below:

To learn more about the No More Campaign, click the link below: