That One Time the Jets Won the Super Bowl

As a fan of the New York Jets, this season couldn’t get any worse even if the team tried.  Since the fans are getting disappointed week after week, I wanted to reminisce to the one and only time the Jets made it to the Super Bowl.  It was Super Bowl III, and it was played on January 12, 1969 in Miami, Florida.  Back then, the league was split into the AFL and the NFL, whereas now it is split into the AFC and the NFC.

The New York Jets played the Baltimore Colts.  Baltimore was going into the game with a record of of 13-1 and New York had a record of 11-3.  The Colts were the favorite team by 18 points, so it was safe to say that no one thought the Jets would win.  However, Baltimore’s starting quarterback threw three interceptions, and was replaced by the backup in the fourth quarter.  Joe Namath, the Jets quarterback, didn’t throw any touchdown passes in the game, and he didn’t throw any passes at all in the fourth quarter.  He did however complete 17 out of 28 passes, throwing for 206 yard.  Namath was named the Super Bowl MVP.  It was the only Super Bow the Jets have ever been in, but at least they came out with a win.  The final score of the game was: New York Jets- 16, Baltimore Colts- 7.

Jets fans have been waiting 45 years to see the team make it to the Super Bowl again.  It won’t happen this season, but we all have to be hopeful for what could happen in the future!

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