Jets vs. Steelers

On November 9, the New York Jets hosted the Pittsburg Steelers at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets had a record of 1-8 going into this game, and no one in the entire world thought that they would win.  The stadium was filled with mostly Steelers fans; it looked like it was a Pittsburg home game just by looking at the fans that were there.

The game  started and the Jets started to score instantly.  They quickly went up 17-0 before the Steelers scored a field goal at the end of the second quarter.  The score was 17-3 going into halftime.  When the third quarter started, the Jets were able to maintain their lead.  While the Steelers almost came back in the fourth quarter, scoring another field goal and a touchdown, it was not enough.  The Jets FINALLY won, upsetting the Steelers in a win that surprised everyone.  The Jets snapped an eight game losing streak, their record now going to 2-8.

Final Score: Jets – 20, Steelers – 13

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That One Time the Jets Won the Super Bowl

As a fan of the New York Jets, this season couldn’t get any worse even if the team tried.  Since the fans are getting disappointed week after week, I wanted to reminisce to the one and only time the Jets made it to the Super Bowl.  It was Super Bowl III, and it was played on January 12, 1969 in Miami, Florida.  Back then, the league was split into the AFL and the NFL, whereas now it is split into the AFC and the NFC.

The New York Jets played the Baltimore Colts.  Baltimore was going into the game with a record of of 13-1 and New York had a record of 11-3.  The Colts were the favorite team by 18 points, so it was safe to say that no one thought the Jets would win.  However, Baltimore’s starting quarterback threw three interceptions, and was replaced by the backup in the fourth quarter.  Joe Namath, the Jets quarterback, didn’t throw any touchdown passes in the game, and he didn’t throw any passes at all in the fourth quarter.  He did however complete 17 out of 28 passes, throwing for 206 yard.  Namath was named the Super Bowl MVP.  It was the only Super Bow the Jets have ever been in, but at least they came out with a win.  The final score of the game was: New York Jets- 16, Baltimore Colts- 7.

Jets fans have been waiting 45 years to see the team make it to the Super Bowl again.  It won’t happen this season, but we all have to be hopeful for what could happen in the future!

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MoHawk Mitch

The first week of the season, I met a guy at the Jets game.  What made him stand out was not the fact that had a giant mohawk, but the fact that his mohawk was dyed bright green.  He told me to like his Facebook page and to find him on Twitter, because he wants to get noticed as the “mascot” for the team.

Many people know that Fireman Ed used to be the Jets “mascot.”  However after a number of extremely frustrating and disappointing seasons, Fireman Ed stopped leading the famous J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS cheer.  While Mohawk Mitch isn’t at that level yet, I see him almost every week at the games.  He sits in the section behind mine, so I always say hello and give him a hug when I see him.  I applaud his team spirit, even though our team that is having one of their worst seasons ever.  I hope he eventually gets noticed by the team and they allow him to be the new person to lead the JETS cheer in the front row of the stadium.

10606051_10203150112337030_774654378166036054_nClick the link below and like Mohawk Mitch’s Facebook page:

Jets vs. Bills

On October 26, the New York Jets hosted the Buffalo Bills in a divisional game at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets were going into this game desperate for a win after losing their last 6 games in a row.  During the week, the Jets had acquired a new player, Percy Harvin, from the Seattle Seahawks in hopes that his presence would ignite a spark in a team that was desperate and would do anything to get a win.

The game started out worse than any Jets fans and players could ever imagine.  Quarterback Geno Smith threw three consecutive interceptions within the first few minutes of the first quarter.  Coach Rex Ryan benched Smith after the third interception, and put in the backup quarterback Michael Vick.  While Vick also had his fair share of struggles, he helped lead the team to score 23 points.  However, that was not enough.  The Jets lost their seventh game in a row, their record now dropping to an embarrassing 1-7.  Jets fans all over are hoping something changes so that the second half of the season isn’t as heartbreaking as the first half has been.

Final Score: Bills – 43, Jets – 23

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Jets vs. Broncos

On October 12, 2014, the New York Jets played the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets took the lead early, but it was short-lived.  It appeared as though the Broncos had the game in the bag, but the Jets ended up coming back within seven points late in the fourth quarter.  However, this comeback was not enough, and the Jets lost, their record now falling to 1-5.

Final Score: Broncos – 31, Jets – 17

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