Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and cheese is enjoyed by so many people.  It’s an easy, tasty food that almost everyone loves.  What would be better than regular mac and cheese?  The answer is mac and cheese bites.  They are fried balls of macaroni and cheese.  These fried mac and cheese balls are bite sized, making them a great food to bring to a tailgate at a stadium or someone’s house for a game day party.

These bites don’t have more than 10 ingredients, and they aren’t too difficult to make.  The entire recipe makes about 36 bites.  It is recommended to serve the finished bites with marinara sauce on the side for dipping.  The first time I ever had mac and cheese bites they were served with marinara sauce, and I was wary as to whether or not it would taste good together, but it was very delicious.

The list of ingredients needed and the steps to successfully make these delicious bites can be found by clicking the link below:



Cauliflower “Bread”sticks

When going to a tailgate, most people bring foods that wouldn’t be considered healthy.  However there are many people who like to stick with eating only healthy alternatives to the foods that are not good for you.  One snack that would be perfect as a healthy treat for a tailgate or a game day party are cauliflower breadsticks.

This snack can be made in place of actual breadsticks.  There are less than 10 ingredients to make the cauliflower sticks.  The last thing you need is marinara sauce for dipping.  Cheesey breadsticks are loved by many, but these cauliflower sticks are a delicious, healthy alternative that taste just as good.  With cheese, one breadstick has only 53 calories; it can’t get much better than that!


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Pretzels & Cheese Dip

One of my favorite things to buy inside the stadium at a game is a warm pretzel with warm cheese dip.  This snack has become more and more popular lately, with many restaurants having it on their menus as an appetizer.  Now you can make the pretzels and a spicy cheese dip yourself to bring to a tailgate or game day party.  Everyone will love this because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love warm pretzels and some melted cheese?!

Making the pretzel bites is what takes the most time with this recipe.  However, once the pretzels are ready to go into the oven, they only need to bake for about 15 minutes.  The cheese dip is nice and easy to make.  Once this snack is done, it will definitely be a winner at any tailgate or party you bring it to.


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Football Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Cupcakes are a dessert that almost everyone likes to eat.  So what would be the perfect dessert to bring to a tailgate or game day party? The answer is football themed cupcakes.  You’ll be everyone’s favorite person if you show up not only because you have cupcakes, but becaue the cupcakes are themed specifically for a day of football.

These cupcakes take some work, because the recipe calls for you to make everything yourself: the batter, the icing, and the little cookies that go on top.  However, the work in the kitchen will be worth it in the end.  They are chocolate flavored cupcakes, with chocolate flavored icing, and gingerbread flavored cookies.  You cut the cookies prior to putting them into the oven into tiny football shapes, and once they are done and the cupcakes are ready to be finished, you add some white “laces” and stick them on top into the icing.  For a finishing touch, you can use food dye to make some shredded coconut green, and it will look like a little bit of the field on top of the cupcake next to the football.  The cupcakes look great, but will taste even better!

football themed cupcakes

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Pizza Dip

Who doesn’t love pizza?  Pizza is one of those foods that most people love to eat.  When going to a tailgate, bringing actual an actual pizza pie can be tricky.  You can’t order it and have it delivered to the stadium, and if you order it before it will most likely be cold by the time you get there.  So how do you get pizza to a tailgate that you’re going to?  The answer: pizza dip.

Everyone at a tailgate loves chips and dip.  Everyone also loves pizza.  A pizza dip is the perfect recipe.  This dip starts with cream cheese mixed with different herbs to add flavor as the bottom layer.  You then add some mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, homemade sauce, and any other toppings you like on a pizza (pepperoni, chicken, sausage, etc).  Just put out tortilla chips, crackers, or whatever else you like to use with dip on the side and you’re ready to go!

Not only is this easy to make, but it’s delicious too.  How could anything pizza-flavored not be good?


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Mini Ham Sandwiches

Packing food when you’re going to a football game can be tricky.  Do you bring food to make there?  Do you prepare food at home to bring?  Do you pick up food from a deli?  Do you buy the food inside the stadium?  All of these are questions even the most experienced football fans ask themselves each time they get ready to go to a game.

One option that you have is to make food at home prior to game day.  One recipe I found that sounds great for tailgates are Football Ham Sandwiches.  These mini sandwiches are easy to make, and their small size makes them a perfect tailgate snack!


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