False Start

When watching a football game, it is very likely that you will see a ref throw a flag and call a penalty for a false start.  This is a penalty that gets called on the team that is on offense.  It is common because the reason it happens is very simple.  The offense lines up with seven players on the line.  If one of these players moves or jumps forward before the ball is snapped to the quarterback, it is a false start.  A false start penalty is a loss of five yards, and the team replays whatever down they were on.

If you are the home team, and your team is on offense and they get called for this penalty, it is very frustrating.  However, if your team is on defense, getting the offense to have a false start is something all fans love.  Most of the time, when the home team is on defense, they will signal to the crowd to get loud.  This is because the louder it is in the stadium, the harder it is for the players to hear what the quarterback is saying, and it often causes them to jump or move, resulting in a false start penalty.  Some teams get multiple false start penalties in a game, especially if the noise level in the stadium is high.

One team that has fans who are known to get really loud and cause the opposing team’s offense to get false start penalties are the Seattle Seahawks.  They call their fans “The 12th Man” because of the noise level they generate at home games.

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Watch the video below to see an entire offensive line, except the center, get called for a false start: