Football Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  Cupcakes are a dessert that almost everyone likes to eat.  So what would be the perfect dessert to bring to a tailgate or game day party? The answer is football themed cupcakes.  You’ll be everyone’s favorite person if you show up not only because you have cupcakes, but becaue the cupcakes are themed specifically for a day of football.

These cupcakes take some work, because the recipe calls for you to make everything yourself: the batter, the icing, and the little cookies that go on top.  However, the work in the kitchen will be worth it in the end.  They are chocolate flavored cupcakes, with chocolate flavored icing, and gingerbread flavored cookies.  You cut the cookies prior to putting them into the oven into tiny football shapes, and once they are done and the cupcakes are ready to be finished, you add some white “laces” and stick them on top into the icing.  For a finishing touch, you can use food dye to make some shredded coconut green, and it will look like a little bit of the field on top of the cupcake next to the football.  The cupcakes look great, but will taste even better!

football themed cupcakes

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