The NFL’s Epic Fail in the Ray Rice Scandal

By now, whenever someone hears the name Ray Rice, one thing comes to mind: the elevator video.  A person doesn’t need to be a football fan to know what happened with Ray Rice and the woman who is now his wife in the video of them in the elevator at Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  So many questions surfaced after that video became public: Why is she still with him?  What prompted the fight?  Why is he not in jail?  And, most importantly, Did the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens know about this?  While the NFL and the Ravens made statements saying that they had no idea what really happened until the video was made public, there are rumors that this is not true.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a lot of heat since the release of the video.  While the Ravens instantly cut Rice from the team and league suspended him indefinitely once the video went public, there is word that Goodell, and the Ravens, were aware of exactly what took place long before anyone else.  These rumors have turned this situation into a complete disaster and they have threatened Goodell’s credibility as the NFL commissioner.

Goodell and the Ravens have done all they can to convince the fans and the public that they were not aware of what really happened that night.  This seems like it is completely untrue, due to the fact that they were alerted of Rice’s arrest that night in Atlantic City; They knew he was taken into custody for “domestic violence.”  It is rumored that the actions in the video were kept under raps because it would be a public relations disaster for the Baltimore Ravens.  However, whether the Ravens and Goodell knew about Rice’s actions or not, this situation turned into a huge PR disaster anyway.

As soon as Rice was arrested, a statement should have been made to the public regarding the situation.  The details wouldn’t have needed to be explained in detail, but if Goodell and the Ravens had made a statement in February when this took place, it would be saving them a lot of aggravation now.  Also, Rice should have been immediately suspended when word of his arrest reached the league.  However, Rice was not suspended, or cut from his team, until the public release of the video, making the entire situation look like the NFL was trying to cover up the incident and the extent of their knowledge about what happened.

The only positive thing that the NFL did in this situation was that they allowed any fans who owned a Rice jersey to exchange it, free of charge, for a different Ravens jersey of their choice.

Only Goodell and the Ravens will ever really know the truth behind this entire situation, but in my opinion they get the stamp of bad guy for how they handled themselves with the public.

Click the link below to see the elevator video for yourself (if you haven’t already seen it), but use caution because it is very disturbing.