Roughing the Passer

A penalty in the NFL that can cause a lot of drama is roughing the passer.  This rule means that no player on defense is allowed to make contact with the quarterback after the ball has been released from his hands.  Unless the defender is carried by his momentum and can’t stop, he is not allowed to come in contact with the quarterback at all.  The only time a defender is allowed to touch or hit the quarterback is if the ball is still in his hands and he has not thrown it or handed it off yet.

When the quarterback is still holding the ball and he gets hit, it is usually called a sack.  A sack means that the defender tackled the quarterback when he was waiting to throw the ball, and the offense loses as many yards as the quarterback dropped back.  Roughing the passer, however, is a penalty against the defense.  It will result in a 15 yard penalty against the defense and an automatic first down for the offense.

The referees have to always be the judge as to weather a hit should be called as roughing the passer.  If a defender is carried by momentum and it is obvious that a hit to the quarterback after the ball was released was not on purpose, the flag will most likely not be thrown.  However if it is obvious that a defender hit the quarterback after he threw the ball intentionally, the flag will always be thrown and the penalty will be called.  Sometimes the refs throw the flag when they really shouldn’t have, and this gets the fans in the stadium riled up, especially if the defense who got called for the penalty is the home team.

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Super Bowl 46…Another GIANT Win

On February 5, 2012, Super Bowl 46 was played in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The reason this was such a noteworthy Super Bowl was because the two teams playing were the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  It was a repeat of four years earlier, when the teams played each other in Arizona in Super Bowl 42.  Giants fans all over the world couldn’t be happier that the team was back in the Super Bowl, and they were even more excited than normal because it was another chance to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The game was played in Lucas Oil Stadium, which is home to the Indianapolis Colts.  The Giants were entering the game with a regular season record of 9-7, and the Patriots had a regular season record of 13-3.  The Giants took a 9-0 lead in the first quarter, but weren’t able to score any points in the second quarter.  The Patriots, however, scored 10 points in the second quarter, and another 7 in the third quarter.  They were now leading the Giants 17-9 after scoring those 17 unanswered points.  The Giants were able to hold the Patriots from scoring any more points, and came back to score 6 points in the third quarter cutting New England’s lead to 17-15.

The fourth quarter started and fans of both teams were on the edge of their seats with the game coming to an end and the score so close.  With 57 seconds left in the game, the Giants completed an 88 yard scoring drive to put them up 21-17, winning them the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.  The Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning completed 30 out of 40 passes and threw for 296 yards.  He had one touchdown pass and no interceptions.  Manning won the Super Bowl MVP for the second time in his career and was the third consecutive quarterback to win the MVP award.  This particular Super Bowl broke the broadcast record for most watched tv program in American TV history.  It was watched by an estimated 166.8 million viewers total.  This game also set the record for most tweets per second during a sporting event, totaling 13.8 million tweets from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

New York Giants fans are still waiting for the team to go back to the Super Bowl, but if they keep following this four year pattern, next season is when they’ll be due back for another Super Bowl win!

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Domestic Violence in the NFL…Again

Shortly after the Ray Rice scandal where he knocked out his now wife in an elevator, another player was in the spotlight for domestic violence.  Adrian Peterson, an extremely talented NFL player, and the star running back on the Minnesota Vikings, was accused of beating his son, apparently with a stick.  Some may say Peterson is one of the best, if not the best, running back in the league.  Not only is this another domestic violence case to hit the NFL, but this one is sadly child abuse.

Peterson had his child staying with him in Texas.  He allegedly sent text messages to the chid’s mother making light of the fact that he had abused the child.  When the child saw a doctor after returning to his mother, who lives in Minnesota, Peterson was quickly taken into custody. He got released on a $15,000 bond, and was indicted for child abuse.  His lawyers said that he loves his son and this was his way of discipling his child.  However, the other side of the lawsuit saw this as abuse, not normal discipline.  Peterson recently had to deal with the tragedy of a child passing away, so the public was shocked that he was the one being accused of such a cruel act against one of his other children.

Peterson voluntarily testified before a grand jury for several hours and cooperated fully with authorities.  He recently accepted a plea deal so that he could avoid jail time.  He plead no contest, and will have to pay a fine of $4,000, do 80 hours of community service, and be placed on probation.

The Minnesota Vikings suspended Peterson when this situation was first brought to their attention.  However, there has been a lot of debate as to whether he (and Ray Rice for that matter) should be allowed to come back and play football.  Some people say that they should not be allowed to play because of what they have done, and others say that they should be allowed to come back.  Many NFL players have gone to prison, served their time, and came back to play in the league.  These cases are unfortunately no different from that.  They went before a judge, got their sentences, and now they expect to be allowed to play football again.  It is not set in stone if Peterson will be back this season, but the NFL Players Association supposedly wants to let him have the opportunity to play again sometime in the near future.

The NFL gets the stamp of good guy for handling the outcome of this case the way they did.  Allowing Peterson the opportunity to come and play again is the right thing to do.  Although he did a terrible thing, if he faces his consequences, then whether the public agrees with it or not, letting him play is the fair way to handle this situation.

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Pretzels & Cheese Dip

One of my favorite things to buy inside the stadium at a game is a warm pretzel with warm cheese dip.  This snack has become more and more popular lately, with many restaurants having it on their menus as an appetizer.  Now you can make the pretzels and a spicy cheese dip yourself to bring to a tailgate or game day party.  Everyone will love this because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love warm pretzels and some melted cheese?!

Making the pretzel bites is what takes the most time with this recipe.  However, once the pretzels are ready to go into the oven, they only need to bake for about 15 minutes.  The cheese dip is nice and easy to make.  Once this snack is done, it will definitely be a winner at any tailgate or party you bring it to.


Click the link below for the full recipe:

Jets vs. Steelers

On November 9, the New York Jets hosted the Pittsburg Steelers at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets had a record of 1-8 going into this game, and no one in the entire world thought that they would win.  The stadium was filled with mostly Steelers fans; it looked like it was a Pittsburg home game just by looking at the fans that were there.

The game  started and the Jets started to score instantly.  They quickly went up 17-0 before the Steelers scored a field goal at the end of the second quarter.  The score was 17-3 going into halftime.  When the third quarter started, the Jets were able to maintain their lead.  While the Steelers almost came back in the fourth quarter, scoring another field goal and a touchdown, it was not enough.  The Jets FINALLY won, upsetting the Steelers in a win that surprised everyone.  The Jets snapped an eight game losing streak, their record now going to 2-8.

Final Score: Jets – 20, Steelers – 13

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Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Player’s love to celebrate when they make a good play.  Whether they score a touchdown, get a first down, catch a really good pass, make a great tackle, or anything else you can think of that would give them a lot of credit, they all love to show their enthusiasm in different ways.  However, sometimes these celebrations get the players into trouble.  When a flag gets thrown in a situation like this, it is called unsportsmanlike conduct.

There’s a line that can’t be crossed in the NFL when it comes to celebrating and getting excited after making a good play.  If a player gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, it is usually because they were verbally taunting an opponent, taunting an opponent by getting in his face, excessive celebrating, or intentionally causing an injury.  It’s okay for players to celebrate when they make a good play or when they score, but they cannot do it at the expense of the other team.  As soon as a player gets in the opponent’s face or starts saying things to the opponent, they will get flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Certain situations where this penalty gets called can cause an uproar, because there have been times when the refs throw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct when they didn’t need to.  This gets the fans heated, as well as the players.  Many people say that the players should be allowed to celebrate as they wish.  As long as they don’t taunt or cause trouble with the other team, I personally don’t see a problem with celebrations, especially after scoring a touchdown.

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints NFL13--JAN. 19--P33  SF-SEA NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

That One Time the Jets Won the Super Bowl

As a fan of the New York Jets, this season couldn’t get any worse even if the team tried.  Since the fans are getting disappointed week after week, I wanted to reminisce to the one and only time the Jets made it to the Super Bowl.  It was Super Bowl III, and it was played on January 12, 1969 in Miami, Florida.  Back then, the league was split into the AFL and the NFL, whereas now it is split into the AFC and the NFC.

The New York Jets played the Baltimore Colts.  Baltimore was going into the game with a record of of 13-1 and New York had a record of 11-3.  The Colts were the favorite team by 18 points, so it was safe to say that no one thought the Jets would win.  However, Baltimore’s starting quarterback threw three interceptions, and was replaced by the backup in the fourth quarter.  Joe Namath, the Jets quarterback, didn’t throw any touchdown passes in the game, and he didn’t throw any passes at all in the fourth quarter.  He did however complete 17 out of 28 passes, throwing for 206 yard.  Namath was named the Super Bowl MVP.  It was the only Super Bow the Jets have ever been in, but at least they came out with a win.  The final score of the game was: New York Jets- 16, Baltimore Colts- 7.

Jets fans have been waiting 45 years to see the team make it to the Super Bowl again.  It won’t happen this season, but we all have to be hopeful for what could happen in the future!

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