Super Bowl 46…Another GIANT Win

On February 5, 2012, Super Bowl 46 was played in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The reason this was such a noteworthy Super Bowl was because the two teams playing were the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  It was a repeat of four years earlier, when the teams played each other in Arizona in Super Bowl 42.  Giants fans all over the world couldn’t be happier that the team was back in the Super Bowl, and they were even more excited than normal because it was another chance to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The game was played in Lucas Oil Stadium, which is home to the Indianapolis Colts.  The Giants were entering the game with a regular season record of 9-7, and the Patriots had a regular season record of 13-3.  The Giants took a 9-0 lead in the first quarter, but weren’t able to score any points in the second quarter.  The Patriots, however, scored 10 points in the second quarter, and another 7 in the third quarter.  They were now leading the Giants 17-9 after scoring those 17 unanswered points.  The Giants were able to hold the Patriots from scoring any more points, and came back to score 6 points in the third quarter cutting New England’s lead to 17-15.

The fourth quarter started and fans of both teams were on the edge of their seats with the game coming to an end and the score so close.  With 57 seconds left in the game, the Giants completed an 88 yard scoring drive to put them up 21-17, winning them the Super Bowl for the second time in four years.  The Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning completed 30 out of 40 passes and threw for 296 yards.  He had one touchdown pass and no interceptions.  Manning won the Super Bowl MVP for the second time in his career and was the third consecutive quarterback to win the MVP award.  This particular Super Bowl broke the broadcast record for most watched tv program in American TV history.  It was watched by an estimated 166.8 million viewers total.  This game also set the record for most tweets per second during a sporting event, totaling 13.8 million tweets from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

New York Giants fans are still waiting for the team to go back to the Super Bowl, but if they keep following this four year pattern, next season is when they’ll be due back for another Super Bowl win!

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