Jets vs. Steelers

On November 9, the New York Jets hosted the Pittsburg Steelers at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets had a record of 1-8 going into this game, and no one in the entire world thought that they would win.  The stadium was filled with mostly Steelers fans; it looked like it was a Pittsburg home game just by looking at the fans that were there.

The game  started and the Jets started to score instantly.  They quickly went up 17-0 before the Steelers scored a field goal at the end of the second quarter.  The score was 17-3 going into halftime.  When the third quarter started, the Jets were able to maintain their lead.  While the Steelers almost came back in the fourth quarter, scoring another field goal and a touchdown, it was not enough.  The Jets FINALLY won, upsetting the Steelers in a win that surprised everyone.  The Jets snapped an eight game losing streak, their record now going to 2-8.

Final Score: Jets – 20, Steelers – 13

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