Giants vs. Colts

On Monday, November 3, the New York Giants hosted the Indianapolis Colts at MetLife Stadium.  It was Monday Night Football, a primetime game that the whole nation would be watching.  The Giants were coming off of their bye week, and needed a win to help them get back on track to a chance at the playoffs.  The two teams who are not only the Giants rivals, but also leading the division, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles both have injured quarterbacks, setting the Giants up for what seemed like could be a perfect situation.

However the Giants could not get anything going on either side of the ball.  The offense couldn’t seem to find a way to score any touchdowns in the first half, and the defense wasn’t making any big plays.  This lead to a heartbreaking loss, the third loss in a row for the Giants.  Their record has now dropped to 3-5.

The Giants honored one of their best players, Michael Strahan, at halftime, giving him his Hall of Fame ring.  He was surrounded by his old teammates, as well as other Giants Hall of Famers.

Final Score: Colts – 40, Giants – 24

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