Jets vs. Bills

On October 26, the New York Jets hosted the Buffalo Bills in a divisional game at MetLife Stadium.  The Jets were going into this game desperate for a win after losing their last 6 games in a row.  During the week, the Jets had acquired a new player, Percy Harvin, from the Seattle Seahawks in hopes that his presence would ignite a spark in a team that was desperate and would do anything to get a win.

The game started out worse than any Jets fans and players could ever imagine.  Quarterback Geno Smith threw three consecutive interceptions within the first few minutes of the first quarter.  Coach Rex Ryan benched Smith after the third interception, and put in the backup quarterback Michael Vick.  While Vick also had his fair share of struggles, he helped lead the team to score 23 points.  However, that was not enough.  The Jets lost their seventh game in a row, their record now dropping to an embarrassing 1-7.  Jets fans all over are hoping something changes so that the second half of the season isn’t as heartbreaking as the first half has been.

Final Score: Bills – 43, Jets – 23

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