#TBT: The Butt Fumble

You don’t have to only be a New York Jets fan to know about the infamous butt fumble.  This play happened on November 22, 2012 when the New York Jets played the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving at MetLife Stadium.  Everyone loves football on Thanksgiving, especially when you get to be at the game.  Jets fans were excited about this primetime Thursday night game, but they would quickly be let down.

The second quarter was halfway done when the Jets had the ball, first and ten, on their own 31 yard line.  When Mark Sanchez took the snap, the play instantly started to fall apart.  He went to hand the ball off to a player that wasn’t there, and then the infamous play happened.  Quarterback Mark Sanchez tried to save the play by running forward with the ball, but instead he ran right into the backside of one of his own players.  He was knocked to the ground, fumbled the ball, and the Patriots picked it up and ran it in for a touchdown.

The play instantly got nicknamed “The Butt Fumble.”  Fans and the commenters on TV would not let Sanchez live that down.  It was on the top ten worst plays for weeks.  NFL.com did a one-year anniversary clip on the play as well.  This Butt Fumble will be remembered forever and will always give people a good laugh.


Watch the video below to see the play for yourself:


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