Super Bowl XLII: A GIANT Win

On February 3, 2008, the New York Giants took the field against the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Due to the fact that the Patriots had a perfect record, it was safe to say that the Giants were the underdog.  All of the Giants fans in the world were shocked, but thrilled, that their team had made it to the Super Bowl.

It was a very exciting game to say the least.  The score was close all four quarters, something that no one had expected to happen.  And, after one catch that would be remembered around the world as “The Helmet Catch”, the Giants ended up winning the game 17-14.  The Patriots only lost one game that season, but it was the only game that mattered.

n1333920110_30117506_9558 n1333920110_30117507_1647 n1333920110_30117558_4275 n1333920110_30117560_2976 n1333920110_30117561_3388 n1333920110_30117567_3352 Super-Bowl The Last Snap of Super Bowl XLII


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